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Dear friends, i am money bhai & at my site there are some terms & conditions that you must have follow for your briqht & sucssesfull game to get more & more money if anyone breaks my rules immidiatly i remove the name of that person form this site i am sure that you get fix sucsses & lost of money throqh this site on qamblinq of Kalyan,Mumbai,Milan,Rajdhani so my best wishes are you.
1.No one can gives a Mobile No,Email id or any contact no. on this site.
2.Don't use any bad words for other candidate wich are on site becouse we are one family.
3.Give always respect & take respect.
4.Give only 3 opens or close don't give more than 3. open & close.
5.Suqqest only 10 brakets not more than 10.
6.The person who gives more than 3 open & close or more than 10 brakets or joints will immidiatly remove from this site.
7.After MMW Regitration Completed Your Account Activated With in 4 Hours.
8.The person who give more than 4 sucssesfull braket in one week will awarded with bumper prise form me Best Of The Luck...
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